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Monday, 21 February 2011

Bring back Boggle

Yes Boggle what fond memories, a truly wonderful game!!! It had it all, suspense ( sand timer), action ( the pop up box) and the ability to develop dyslexia at a young age. God bless you Alan Turoff you really did make a difference to the world in so many ways.
    Anyway when I was 6 or 7, I played a Norwegian at Boggle. My big brother ( 10yrs older than me) was in the Scouts  and had agreed to participate in a Foreign Scout exchange. So our family had a Norwegian stay with us for a week. One Friday my brother said he would give me 40pence if I hung out with him and being a Beaver at the time I thought this would be a noble thing to do. Well if I'm being honest I thought I would get a badge for it, which I didn't but did make 40pence. I did ask my brother why I had to hang out with him and he explained that his mates thought the Norwegian was weird. So I asked why they thought the Norwegian was weird, I got told it was due to his large-forehead, the fact he always wore his Scout uniform and he got drunk very quickly. Basically my brother wanted to get shit-faced with his friends and not worry about him.
    So what would any 6year old do to entertain a guest, bring out the Boggle!!! To be truthful I had never beaten anyone in the family at Boggle, so thought my chances were good since he was Foreign. So I set up the boggle and quickly explained the rules. Then gave him the honour of popping the box. Minutes past and the only noise that could be heard was the scribbling of pencils. Time was up!!! We compared our pieces of paper, who had won? Well no-one, the Idiot had written in Norwegian, I sighed. However he had noticed that by chance I had written; fore, head ( it was not intended). He leapt up and told my mum, she analysed my piece of paper and grounded me. However I guess it was the fact that I had written Twat ( my big brother allowed it) and not for fore, head. After that I never saw that Boggle again or the Norwegian.

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