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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Milk and Men

When I was  at university I lived with 3 girls, after a few months they started to have their period at the same time. At first I was amazed but it was short lived, since at certain times of the month it was like walking on very thin ice!!! With Great Whites sharks circling underneath.......just waiting.......just waiting.
   I always wondered if men can have the same experience when living together, surely we must, today I found out. On a random week of a single month ( when more than 2 male flatmates live together) a truly Bizarre and chaotic event  happens. This factor is......that all the male flatmates, at the precise same time decide to buy milk! The result is a fridge full of at least 16pints worth of milk for one week of the month, varying in full-fat to semi-skimmed or Soya if some-one has decided to insert their head up their ass and become Vegan.
  I found this out today when I decided too have a cup of tea, the previous week we had at least 8 pints worth of milk, this week none. Great now I'll have to wait 3 weeks for a cup of tea.....hope you are happy chaos theory!!! I'm not unhappy about it..... just bloody thirsty.

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