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Sunday, 20 February 2011


They are so cute and pretty........awwwwww.........f!*k off. A clear example of the insane middle-class society 'wait a minute let's save the panda'.......WHY? They only survive because we Humans ( well the middle-class) help them, all they do is eat Bamboo.... oh it has to only be Bamboo, fussy f!*!*ers. They struggle to re-produce due to the fact the male/female evolved genitals that don't work well together ( like a Vegetarian in an Abattoir), which means that it's more likely for the 2005 film 'Racing Stripes' to actually be quite entertaining than for a Panda sperm to reach the female egg.
         So lets make it simple, if all the pandas became extinct would any other species be effected? Answer no? Maybe a few teary eyed 'Green Peace' protesters but I'm sure they would find something else quite quickly to mourn the fact David Icke hates reptiles. What is the point of the panda and what about the poor Tuna? Oh i forgot Tuna are not cute looking, maybe if we decided to have a Panda Burger rather than a Tuna sandwich the world would be a better place

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